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** If you want to talk to me Tanya Tate, these places below are the ONLY places you can find me. I promise you I do not have private or back up social media accounts, I am not on dating websites and I do not use other chat places such as WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Facebook messenger. Please don't interact with fakes, scammers and cat fish accounts.
You can only reach me on the above places. **


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Hello Tanya. Not sure if my previous two part email came through. Heard your show today on XM radium. Wish I had my phone to call in. Topic was threesomes and as I am old school (and older) I wanted to say my choices were briana banks, Tera Patrick, and Jenna Jamieson with Jen Aniston as my movie star. I would have to think that rates as high as any. Love to chat about that soon.


Tanya, you might like to know that someone is impersonating you on Plenty Of Fish (POF) web dating site, including photos.

See POF member “Gladys111”

Your Fan,



Love your look!!

Abdullah din

Hi hello tanyatate love you

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